Important Whale Information

Dear Friend,

How can you get a baby Whale you ask? Now is your chance at Whales 4 Sale!

We stock a special variety of miniature Fairy Whales for zoo's and entertainment venues across the world. But after a busy spring our Whale sanctuary is now overstocked. So we have now received permission from the government to sell our special breed of Whales (on this website only!) at a low cost to the general public. That's right. You're only going to pay the shipping charges.

What makes our baby Whales different from other sanctuaries?

Just order and see for yourself! Our exceptional scientists at Land Rush Sanctuary only breed the smallest, cutest, and darn cuddliest baby Fairy Whales on earth. But you don't need to take our word for it, just search for reviews!

Can regular people really own a baby Whale?

Only for a limited time at our exclusive store. As mentioned above, this special breed of Fairy Whales (Odontoceti Minnu Fari) are normally reserved for commercial purposes. Because of it's small size and ease of care we have received a special license from most of the worlds governments to sell our overstock to those aged 13 and above. If you're to young just ask Mom or Dad for permission before ordering.

Ready to order your new best friend?

First thing to do is read our requirements to learn about space, food, and petting needs for Fairy Whales. Next, head on over to the store and order your new pet!

Thanks again for considering our Baby Whales! And be sure to check out our other creatures for sale at and


M. Marcus
Chief Whaler
Land Rush Sanctuary