Baby Whale Needs

Always do your research before buying a baby Whale.

Fairy Whale Size

Baby Fairy Whales (Odontoceti Minnu Fari) are much much smaller than the Whales you are used to seeing in the wild. Close your eyes and imagine the biggest goldfish you've even seen in the pet store. That's the size! Our baby Whales are shipped at 8 inches and can grow as big as 14 inches. They're perfect for the home (that's why we're so excited to finally get permission to sell).


You will of course need to house your new baby Whale in water. This will be a clean source of fresh distilled water from the store (no tap!). Required P. H. levels will be sent with your kit once the purchase is complete. A minimum 3 x 5 foot tank, baby pool, or tub will be sufficient.


Most of our regular customers (zoos, etc.) have a Krill breeding program on site. For our "sanctuary to door" program customers we recommend purchasing fresh Krill from your local store. Just ask your local supermarket next time you're shopping. They should have some in the back!

Life Span

Land Rush Sanctuary's baby Whales are bred at the highest standards. No funny business! Land Rush Sanctuary scientists typically expect Fairy Whales to live 30-50 years with proper care, nutrition, and socialization. This means that you need to be prepared to pet your new friend at least once per day. They can get sick and possibly die if made to feel lonely. If all goes well you can expect to have him or her all the way through college or the nursing home.


Shipping of Whales is done in special polystyrene transport boxes. We will give them a (very) mild sedative before the journey to ensure they stay calm.

Your baby Whale will come with a special pack of frozen food that can be thawed and given to your Whale once it arrives.


See our Sanctuary Store for details.